DEsign MVP Product of sennalabs



I designed the landing page of for salling the MVP Package to new startups 


CAR Boutique 

Car Boutique is a new startup would like to sell Tyre products online in Thailand

King's birthday welcome page OF senna labs

On 28th July 2019 was the King's Birthday of Thailand,

So I designed the 'Welcome' page before entering for the SennaLabs Home page. '


& paper prototype of Pettie application

When I worked at SoiDog (Dog shelter in Thailand) as a volunteer, I have thought to design an application which people around the world can find a  good match dog for adoption, by using SoiDog ( to be the example process.

^ Here is the story: 

  1. Anna lives in Germany and she would like to adopt a dog.

  2. She opens the PETTIE Application (Pet+Bestie) > chooses to adopt a dog
    > does some quiz to find the best match
    > chooses to adopt Bruno (Dog)
    > fills her personal information in
    > waits the SoiDog Staffs to contact back.

  3. Julia (the SoiDog staff) contacts Anna back via Skype. She needs to interview Anna first because Julia wants to be sure that Anna is ready to take care of Bruno and her house has enough space for him.

  4. Anna's interview is approved by Julia.

  5. Anna has to pay some cost for taking Bruno to Germany with a volunteer (find reference process of SoiDog, here)
    > waits SoiDog find a volunteer and she can check the status on the PETTIE application 
    > After finding the volunteer, SoiDog will update the the flight information of that volunteer on Anna account
    > Anna can check the flight schedule and contact the volunteer.

  6. Anna drives to the Airport to pick up Bruno.

  7. Anna gets Bruno from the volunteer.

  8. Anna contacts Julia and tells her  that Bruno arrived safely. 

  9. Adoption process is completed.

  10. Anna has to keep updating  Bruno's life every month to Julia

^ Some paper low-fidelity prototypes of PETTIE application

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