Bahtsold is the online market website which offer the advertising via their Classifieds and Property portals covering all the Southeast Asia.

Working as a freelance UX designer, I had the opportunity to collaborate with a UX designer of Bahtsold (Based in Bangkok) and developers team (based in Vietnam) to improve the website to make it more user-friendly, especially on mobile platform because now mobiles are necessary devices that everybody should have and if you see the overview report above, you can notice that 71.46% of the Bahtsold’s visitors use their mobile to access the website. Therefore Bahtsold team and I would like to focus on developing the website on mobile platform first. My most responsibilities are wireframing and prototyping which make the website is more user-friendly but still keep it minimal clean style that provides an easy to navigate interface. 

Bahtsold's users was opened more than 10 years and from the data of Bahtsold, most of the users are people in between generation x and generation y. Consequently, the new version Bahtsold should be designed easy understanding for these users.

Look for the idea!

I looked at a few similar platform such as OLX, Subito, Finn and Kaidee, to get some ideas for designing the new version of Bahtsold website.

The one reason that the Bahtsold hired me to help them redesign the website is their UX team being busy on other projects and sometimes I couldn’t go to their office. So we use Mimilanote for sharing our ideas and gathering all ideas what we shared.


After gathering the ideas, I will sketch wireframe one page on paper and make the mockup then send it to the Bahtsold’s UX design team. If they approve the mockup then I can work on the next page.

before vs after (designing)